An Ode to the Musée de Poche

ode to the musee de poche

When we stumbled somehow upon this little museum (its name refers to its ‘pocket size’) tucked away close to Goncourt Metro station in the 11th arrondissement, it was like striking gold.  It is an art museum for children and features real exhibitions, currently ‘Dans le Foret des Masques’ by Laurent Moreau.  But its real appeal are the ateliers run by the director Pauline Lamy.  You can sign up for many different formats.  Our first was the Sunday ‘Artyfamily’ where parent and child work together with Pauline and other families on an art project.  Its fun to participate on an equal level with your child in this way.  As our daughter’s confidence grew she eventually participated in ‘drop-off’ ateliers.  The best is when Pauline takes the children out and about in Paris to the Louvre or Musee d’Orsay to learn about an artist and then the group comes back to the Musee de Poche to work on a related art project of their own.  Pauline’s workshops are very creative and she is not afraid to introduce the children to lots of techniques – very stimulating for the arty child. Her kindness makes her ideally suited to integrating a child into the group who does not yet speak French.

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